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Planning in Wales – where to look for information

03 March 2016

Article by Graham Winter, National Assembly for Wales Research Service

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Are you dealing with a planning issue in Wales and want to know where to find information about how the planning system works? This blog post should help you as it provides direct links to the Research Service’s publications about planning, as well as to some of the key Welsh Government planning documents. It also tells you where to go if you need further information.

National Assembly for Wales

Research Service Planning Quick Guides (these are updated from time to time):

1:       National planning policy in Wales (PDF, 183KB) – May 2011

2:       Local planning policy in Wales (PDF, 177KB) – November 2013

3:       Developments that don’t need planning permission (PDF, 182KB) – May 2014

4:       Planning permission (PDF, 171KB) – May 2011

5:       Call-in of planning applications (PDF, 158KB) – May 2011

6:       Appeals (PDF, 160KB) – May 2011

7:       Enforcement (PDF, 160KB) – May 2011

8:       Telecommunications equipment (PDF, 173KB) – May 2011

9:       Small-scale renewable energy schemes (PDF, 199KB) – October 2012

10:     Environmental Impact Assessment (PDF, 177KB) – December 2012

11:     Strategic Environmental Assessment (PDF, 166KB) – December 2012

12:     Community Infrastructure Levy (PDF, 246KB) – June 2015

13:     Section 106 agreements (PDF, 246KB) – July 2015

National Assembly for Wales Research Paper: Comparison of the planning systems in the four UK countries (PDF, 588KB) – January 2016

National Assembly for Wales Bill Summary paper: Planning (Wales) Bill (PDF, 220KB) – December 2014

National Assembly for Wales legislation pages – Planning (Wales) Act 2015

Quick Guide to the Building Regulations (PDF, 184KB) January 2012

Welsh Government

Planning Policy Wales Edition 7 – July 2014

Technical Advice Notes

Minerals Planning Policy

Minerals Technical Advice Notes

Information about the Planning (Wales) Act 2015

Information about Welsh Government call-in procedures and applications that are to be decided by the Minister.

Building Regulations for Wales.

The Planning Inspectorate for Wales is an executive agency of the Welsh Government.

Other sources

The 25 Local Planning Authorities in Wales deal with most planning applications and each is responsible for producing a Local Development Plan (LDP) for its area. Links to the planning webpages for each Local Planning Authority are available from the map below. Click on the name of the authority on the map to launch the webpage that you need.

The Planning Portal provides information about the planning system in Wales (make sure you select the Welsh Site from the top right corner of the home page.

Planning Aid Wales is a charitable organisation helping eligible individuals and communities to participate more effectively in the planning system. It provides advisory services, including a helpline. It also has a number of publications, available (although some of these have not been updated for a while now).

RTPI Cymru is the body representing professional planners in Wales.

The Design Commission for Wales is Wales’ champion for good design in the built environment: in buildings, places and public realm.

Contact details for the Welsh Government’s Planning Division:

Planning Division Welsh Government Cathays Park Cardiff CF10 3NQ Email planning.division@wales.gsi.gov.uk Telephone 0300 0603300 or 0845 010 3300

Contact details for the Planning Inspectorate for Wales:

The Planning Inspectorate

Crown Buildings

Cathays Park


CF10 3NQ

Telephone: 029 2082 3866

E-mail wales@pins.gsi.gov.uk

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