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The National Assembly’s Research Service (Senedd Research) is a research, analysis and information service designed to meet the needs of Assembly Members and their staff.

06 May 2020

Darllenwch yr erthygl yma yn Gymraeg | View this post in Welsh

The Welsh Parliament research service (Senedd Research) is a research, analysis and information service designed to meet the needs of Members of the Senedd and their staff.

Launched in 2013, our InBrief blog offers bite-sized and easily digestible information and commentary on topical issues and developments within the Welsh Parliament. We routinely blog ahead of major Welsh Government policy debates that are taking place in the Senedd Chamber (in ‘Plenary’) and debates on Senedd Bills and committee inquiry reports.

You can also access a range of research briefings and information produced by Senedd Research from our website.

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Accuracy and transparency are extremely important to us and we welcome feedback on our work, so you are welcome to contact us on research@senedd.wales should you have any comments.

We consider all comments carefully while retaining editorial control over our publications and reserving the right to make the final decision about their content.

The Welsh Parliament

The Welsh Parliament is the democratically elected body that represents the interests of Wales and its people. Commonly known as the Senedd, it makes laws for Wales, agrees Welsh taxes and holds the Welsh Government to account.

There are 60 Members of the Senedd: 40 elected to represent a constituency and 20 elected across 5 regions. Elections for the 60 seats in the Senedd take place every five years.

Contact: Welsh Parliament
Website: Welsh Parliament

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