Welsh Government Supplementary Budget 2015-16

25 June 2015

Article by Martin Jennings and David Millett, National Assembly for Wales

The Minister for Finance (Jane Hutt AM) laid the first Supplementary Budget 2015-16 on 23 June 2015. This was accompanied by an explanatory note and tables showing departmental allocations. This supplementary budget amends the Final Budget 2015-16, approved by the National Assembly in December 2014.

Being early in the financial year, the First Supplementary Budget of the year shows only limited changes.

This Supplementary budget confirms the following revenue allocations funded from reserves:

This Supplementary budget includes net additions to the baseline as a result of UK Budgets and Autumn Statements of £167.4 million revenue funding and £9.7 million capital funding, of which £2.3 million is repayable financial transactions funding.

On 4 June the UK Government announced in-year departmental spending cuts.  These cuts mean a reduction of £50 million funding for the Welsh Government in 2015-16, £43 million revenue and £7 million capital.  There is potential for further changes when the next UK Budget is announced on 8 July.  These changes are not included in this Supplementary Budget.

The full devolution of business rates has caused a technical change in the budget documentation, moving £956 million funding from local government departmental revenue expenditure to Annually Managed Expenditure.

2015-16 supplementary budget-01

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