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Joint UK and Ireland Research Paper on CAP Reform 2014-2020

21 November 2013

Article written by Nia Seaton, National Assembly for Wales Research Service

The Research Service has been working with colleagues in parliamentary bodies across the UK and in Ireland to produce a paper which provides a comparative analysis of emerging reactions to and implementing decisions on the CAP reform programme for 2014-2020 within the UK and in Ireland.

This kind of comparative analysis may become important as we move through the next period for the CAP (2014-2020) because of the unprecedented level of flexibility provided to Member States and their devolved administrations in this round of reforms. As a consequence implementation decisions taken within the UK and in Ireland have the potential to differ considerably.

From the initial proposals and statements already emerging from the different governments it is clear that very different approaches could emerge in key areas. These areas include coupled support; the development of equivalence schemes under the greening rules and the transfer of funds between Pillar 1 and Pillar 2.

Joint UK and Ireland Research Paper on CAP Reform 2014-2020


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