New Publications: Budget Series

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Budget Series 1: Funding Welsh devolution
Updated: June 2013
This is the first Quick Guide in the Budget Series, and it explains the current arrangements for funding devolution in Wales. It explains how Wales receives its funding from the UK Government, how the Barnett formula operates and recent developments in relation to funding reform. It also explains the categories and limitations applied to funding, and how the block grant is paid into, and drawn from, the Welsh Consolidated Fund.

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Budget Series 2: The budget process in Wales
Updated: June 2013
This is the second Quick Guide in the Budget Series, and it sets out the three main stages of the budget process in Wales: the draft budget proposals, annual budget motion and supplementary budget motion. It explains the requirements of each stage, as set out in legislation and Standing Orders, and also identifies opportunities for scrutiny during the process. This explains how the National Assembly ‘holds the purse strings’ and authorises the use of public money by the Welsh Government and the direct funded bodies.

Budget Series 3: Scrutiny of the budget
Updated: June 2013
This is the third Quick Guide in the Budget Series, and it explains the role of the legislature in scrutinising the Government’s budget. It sets out the basic principles of financial scrutiny, provides some guidance in navigating the budget documentation and indicates other sources of information which can be drawn on to aid in scrutinising the budget. It also provides some scrutiny tips, in the form of questions that could be asked when considering the budget, and puts these in the context of the principles of financial scrutiny.

Budget Series 4: Budget Glossary
Updated: June 2013

Article by Dr Eleanor Roy, National Assembly for Wales Research Service.
Photo Source: Image from Flikr by Community Friend. Licensed under the Creative Commons